The locally famous Bullan hamburger joint, translated as Burgerjoint, is one of the fine places found at Reykjavik´s old harbor. PIC robobby

The locally famous Bullan hamburger joint, translated as Burgerjoint, is one of the fine places found at Reykjavik´s old harbor. PIC robobby

In Reykjavik Iceland not too many things have borne good fruit when it comes to city planning. One does not have to walk far or long to realize the center of Reykjavik is more or less a twisted jumble of whatever and none too interesting either.

Next to a one-story hundred year old building they build five story modern star trek housing and think nothing of it. In between you´ll find Soviet-style architecture and once in awhile something awesome like the Hallgrimskirkja church.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]a twisted jumble of whatever[/blockquote]

But one area in particular is a tremendous success. Probably because they did not change the architecture but just the services on offer.

Only five years ago the old part of the Reykjavik harbor was empty and a lifeless cluster of old and horrible worn-down fishermen´s shacks. Due to a bright idea and good follow-up this place is now becoming the beating heart of downtown. The area is now home to loads of tourist companies, hotels and restaurants and while this may not suit everyone it is much preferable to the slum it used to be.

And it is here team Total Iceland can recommend four places where you´ll get your stomach full for a decent price and some nice surprises along the way. Trust us, we tested each place a few times over a two week period and never left disappointed.

Place number one is Cafe Haiti which is more of a coffee-shop specializing in Haitian coffee but one in which wonderful staff serve quite tasty soups at lunchtime for a very fair price of 1500 ISK. The second place has long been a favorite for us. Saegreifinn is one of two places where you´ll get seafood, and especially whale meat, cooked to perfection. The ambiance here is unrivaled and prices very decent. The third has become an institution. Bullan hamburger joint does not take itself too seriously but its burgers are by most accounts the very best in the country. Again the ambiance is quite something and prices good. Last, but not least, is the restaurant Hofnin right beside Cafe Haiti. Not fancy and the view will not win any awards either but the service is fairly decent and the food is tasty and for a lower average price than most restaurants.

Team Total Iceland will continue to monitor places far and wide in Iceland and give you the very best information so you will leave Iceland feeling refreshed, happy and secure in the knowledge you tried the very best the country has to offer.

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