99% of foreign visitors think there is only one glacier lagoon in Iceland. Boy, are those folks wrong. Pic Oscar Martinez

99% of foreign visitors think there is only one glacier lagoon in Iceland. Boy, are those folks wrong. Pic Oscar Martinez

“Driving in Iceland takes years longer than anticipated and mostly because you are stopping every five minutes stunned by some sight or another. We still missed out on a lot”

This quote from María from Spain who along with three other friends drove around Iceland recently in eight days instead of the five days the group had originally planned. They did not mind the extra time at all but were a little let down to miss out on the Blue Lagoon and some Reykjavik nightlife stuff. After all they only had nine days total in the country.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]they still missed out on a number of amazing unique places[/blockquote]

But María´s group was horrified to learn afterwards that even taking this long for a splendid drive around this majestic island called Iceland they still missed out on a number of amazing unique places as well as making some basic mistakes. They spend the night in the worst hotel in Akureyri and it took over an hour to change a tyre that blew in Modrudalur valley in the Northeast of the country. They drove right past the awesome row of massive volcanic fissures dotting the landscape near Laki. They did not dare drive into the sandy desert of Solheimajokull to dance on an old warplane. They took the longest possible route to visit the fjords of the East and had to turn back a number of times after finding roads closed or impassable. They even got a hefty fine for speeding too late one evening.

María´s group is one of many buying so called “self-drive tours” from local tour operators. Which is pretty much just basic car rental with accommodation at predestined areas. Many of those are fine indeed. Just think about the convenience. But of course the convenience comes with a high price and worst of all is there is no guarantee you´ll actually see but the most famous spots. Unless you know something´s there you are hardly likely to try to find it.

Which is where team Total Iceland comes in 🙂

From summer 2015 we are offering the very best “Around Iceland” tour you can find and for the very best price too. Four to six day GUIDED tours meaning you have your own fun and knowledgeable driver and not a care in the world. You focus on the nature and the land and worry not about anything else than having fun and enjoying the very best of a fabulous country. You see 90% of all the marvels of this country and almost 90% of its towns and villages too. You´ll have complete control too should you have special wishes on the way. Want to spend an hour at one place? No problem. Want to hurry to the hotel after a long day? No problem either. Just concentrate on enjoying the company, the country and getting true stories and tall tales along the way should you want.

[reveal title=”FOUR DAY ICELAND” open=”false,true” color=”blue”] [list style=”check” color=”blue-lite”]
  • DAY ONE >> We start from Reykjavik city and we cover the whole of the South before settling down for the first night in Hofn in Hornafjordur. Along the way we´ll see such marvelous sights as Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls, Hekla mountain, Skaftafell National Park, Reynisfjara beach, Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon and the massive Vatnajokull glacier in all its glory to name but few highlights. We´ll also get up close and personal in the villages of Vík, Klaustur, Hvolsvollur and Hella and the towns of Hveragerdi, Selfoss and Hofn. Three star accommodation in a nice place and some time to wind down.
  • DAY TWO >> After a nice rest and a hearty breakfast we´ll start to take in the magnificent fjords of the East. A whole different beast from the South coast. On this leg of the journey we´ll stop at places like Alftafjordur, Papey island, Bulandstindur, Hallormsstadur, Skriduklaustur and not to mention the towns of Djupivogur, Breiddalsvik, Egilsstadir and Seydisfjordur. This time we´ll crash at a nice rural farm where we´ll have the opportunity of a real typical local meal and some local natural yoga too if people are interested. The meal and the yoga is extra cost.
  • DAY THREE >> We start driving North after a nice breakfast but have not gone far when we´ll try a real natural hot spring and the only natural hot spring shower in the whole country and possibly in the world. This will refresh even the lamest of persons. Afterwards we will take in such wondrous spots as Saenautasel farm, Modrudalur valley, Herdubreid mountain, Dettifoss waterfall, Namaskard bubbly springs and we´ll make a good stop at Myvatn area where there´s lots to see. After taking it all in we´ll continue to Akureyri town but not before stopping for the magnificent Godafoss waterfall. Some extras also available on this route such as taking a slightly longer route and visiting Asbyrgi National Park and trying some whale watching. Final stop at a nice hotel in Akureyri and a little walk in the center before turning in.
  • DAY FOUR >> Last day the tour will lead back to Reykjavik through the North. We will take the long route and visit towns like Dalvik, Olafsfjordur, Siglufjordur and Hofsos where we´ll bathe in one of the nicer swimming pools in the land. The route then takes us through other villages like Blonduos as well as a stop at the tiniest village in the country. Towns of Borgarnes and Akranes will also be on our way before we drive through Whalefjord valley and then finally late evening arriving back in Reykjavik. Sights on this route include a troll monster, special mounds, a hill made of ash, the biggest hot spring area in the world as well as some majestic waterfalls like Barnafossar and Hraunfossar to name but few.
[/list]. [/reveal] [reveal title=”SIX DAY ICELAND” open=”false,true” color=”blue”] This longer trip includes ALL OF ICELAND except the highland area. This means we´ll also drive through all of the Westfjords of Iceland and we will also take in the Snaefellsnes peninsula in addition to the four day itinerary. We will rest on day five in a nice guesthouse in the Westfjords and we will also stay one night close to the famous Snaefellsjokull glacier. In these parts we will marvel at the numerous tiny villages hidden here and no least see natural jewels like Raudasand beach, Latrabjarg cliff, Dynjandi waterfall, Arnarfjordur golden beach, Snaefellsjokull glacier, Hellnar coast, the landing spot of the first man to settle Iceland, the birthplace of the “discoverer of America and hell of a lot more. All that on top of visits to villages like Sudavik, Isafjordur, Bolungarvik, Bildudalur, Patreksfjordur, Stykkisholmur, Grundarfjordur and Olafsvik to name a few. [/reveal] [reveal title=”FURTHER INFO” open=”false,true” color=”grey-lite”]Accommodation is varied. One or two nights in a nice three star hotel, one night in a real old rural farmhouse and one or two nights in good two star country hotels. Should individuals wish for more luxury that can be arranged for extra fee. Will will also take every opportunity to soak and swim in pools en route. Both fantastic swimming pools and a couple of natural hot springs as well. No food is included except breakfast at the hotels but fear not, this will be added to everyone´s liking on the way. Last but not least; it is imperative for folks to be either very open to new people and experiences and/or already be part of the group traveling. Spaces for sex people and preferably three couples or six good friends[/reveal] [reveal title=”WHAT PRICE GLORY” open=”false,true” color=”grey-lite”] Prices listed here are a rough estimate and can change without notice. Off season cost per person (October to June) is 2.220$ and in high season (June to October) 2.749$. Contact totaliceland @ totaliceland.com for further information. [/reveal] [socialwrap align=”left”] [socialicon name=”fb” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”linkedin” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”twitter” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”google” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”rss” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”youtube” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”vimeo” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”pinterest” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”soundcloud” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”instagram” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”flickr” url=”” ][/socialicon] [socialicon name=”email” url=”” ][/socialicon] [/socialwrap]