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As often is the case foreign guidebooks or sites know absolutely nothing about love in Reykjavik or Iceland. Pic arimoore

As often is the case foreign guidebooks or sites know absolutely nothing about love in Reykjavik or Iceland. Pic arimoore

Team Total Iceland, being of pretty sound mind and body, has in the past tried to make your experience in Iceland infinitely better by pointing out you guys should NOT consult foreign guidebooks or websites before visiting Iceland. Now a new fancy upstart travel site has us up in arms.

You may or may not have heard of a new phenomenon called It is an Indian startup site aiming to make your travel better by doing EXACTLY what everyone else has been doing. The site is all the rage and with major investors on board looks set to conquer quite a bit of the online travel traffic. Only one problem: its absolutely horrible.

This is what recommends for a „romantic weekend in Reykjavik“ to take but one example.


Ok, to make matters clear as ice we will go through this step-by-step to convince you NOT to sign up for such nonsense as quite a lot of people have already done.

A) „a city teeming with world class restaurants, art galleries, museums, trendy clubs. Then it is also teeming with world class restaurants, art galleries, museums and trendy clubs.“

THE TRUTH: We have a variety of good restaurants but no world class ones. Art galleries are few and small and ditto for museums. Trendy clubs are nonexistent although there is one club in Reykjavik. But that place is more sweaty than trendy. After all, it sells donuts during the day.

B) It is quite obvious the writers of this crap have never set foot in Reykjavik city. Before you sign up be aware that Austurvollur, Icelandic Bar, Lake Tjornin, Reykjavik Art Museum, Parliament House, Laundromat Cafe and Domkirkjan cathedral are pretty much on the same spot in the city.

C) You guys more hungry for food than usual when in love? According to the Indians you must be since you are eating at fancy restaurants three times a day according to the romantic guide.

D) Of course people are extra dirty after passionate sex all night long. But is there really a need to go swimming twice in one day? Blue lagoon can be romantic and so can Vesturbaejarlaug swimming pool but hardly both in one day.

E) And what about Oskjuhlid and whale watching? Since when is whale watching romantic? Oskjuhlid is simply a small forested area and nothing more. Nothing you cannot find at home.

We are simply making fuzz now because this is not the first time some utterly stupid information is rolled around. In our view, that plan is guaranteed to make your two days in Reykjavik city miserable as hell.

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