Sorry! The headline should have been bussing in Iceland but it doesn´t have the same ring to it.

We wanted to let you know you can take a regular scheduled bus to and from Reykjavik and quite a lot of places in Iceland and even enjoy free Wifi all the way.

This means from now on you do not have to make your way to the BSI bus terminal should you wish to take in other parts of Iceland than Reykjavik city. You actually have to go to one of the suburbs of Reykjavik, to Mjodd, and from there take the bus into the country.

Eleven daily trips between Reykjavik and the northern capital of Akureyri will be offered but fewer buses go to smaller places like Stykkisholmur, Reykholt, Hvammstangi or Olafsvik. For these places you will actually have to book at least two hours before a scheduled trip since else the bus won´t go at all.

Yeah, we know this is confusing. Instead of taking the city bus system from horrible to decent the bus company,, is spending a lot of money on routes served well by other companies. Typical isn´t it?

In any case, if you are really smart you will fly instead of spending a whole day in a bus. Remember you can get discount tickets between Reykjavik and Akureyri two weeks in advance with Flugfelag Islands. The discount price and the bus price then is pretty much the same but the flight only takes 45 minutes.

PS. keep in mind that should you decide to go by bus it is cheaper to buy bus tickets beforehand than on the bus.