The world is fraught with danger and so is the most stunning divesite in Iceland. PIC joibert

Just when we were starting to have some fun some authority figure decides something is too dangerous. It is now officially banned to dive below 18 metres in the amazingly wonderful Silfra pond in Thingvellir Iceland.

Don´t let the “pond” name fool you one bit. This is probably one of the most wonderful diving sites in the whole world. Not just because it is crystal clear, not just because it is located in the most hallowed ground in Iceland but because it is the only place in the whole wide world where you can dive between continents.

Then again, with unlimited number of crevasses and caves going in who knows where directions it is probably a good idea to be very careful.

You can still take a dip into the wonderful underwater world but you cannot explore it deeply as was allowed before. And no, there is no diver policeman to guard the place but you are on your own and totally without any insurance if you venture too deep.

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