Looking for relatives in Iceland? There´s not an app for that yet but a special institution could help.

T his fact may come as some surprise but the tiny nation of Iceland has managed to spread its seed quite a long distance throughout history. In particular in Canada and to a lesser extent in the United States and Brazil. Now, many of those folks are taking an interest in their long forgotten personal history.

Digging for long lost connections to far away lands can be quite the challenge anywhere and stories abound of people spending their whole lives looking for a relative or their roots in foreign countries.

amazing numbers of people have been united with their Icelandic relatives

At first thought someone might conclude this could be even harder than usual in Iceland. After all, this was the poorest of nations for centuries on end and many did not stick around in any one place for long back in the day.

But you would be wrong. While there can certainly be some hurdles on the way the fact is amazing numbers of people have been united with their Icelandic relatives in recent times. Most have done so with the help of a special non-profit institution specializing in local genealogy.

Iceland Roots is the name of the place. They have vast records of Icelanders, both past and present, and have systems in place to help one locate living relatives in Iceland. Their help can cost but it is by far the  best way for anyone interested in knowing more about their local roots or heritage or simply getting in touch with any relatives you did not know about.