In England fish & chips are usually available for 3-6£. Not so in Iceland.


Might we offer you a delicious plate of fish & chips for as little as 20£ / 22€? Yup, that´s the going rate for the fast food of the Brits in a decent restaurant in Iceland in 2020. Make allowances 🙂

Iceland after Covid seems just to be the ticket to escape to dreary confines of your home. The pandemic relatively easily handled on this small island, beauty abounds and where else you gonna go? To a horrid beach in Spain for the umpteenth time?

There are positives about visiting Iceland and there are negatives as well. The negative is most assuredly the humongous price for everything and anything. For example, the price for friggin’ fish & chips in a decent restaurant. Or how do 20 pounds sound for a basic meal you can get in already expensive Britain for around 3 – 6 pounds. And remember, we already supply Britain with thousands of tons of cod and haddock for your beloved fish and chip shit. If anything, fish and chips should be CHEAPER here than in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Alas, that´s not the case. Absolutely not.

Expect to fork out 20 pounds for a semi-decent dish of fish and chips in a semi-decent restaurants around the country. If in fancier establishments add 3 – 5 pounds on top at least.

That superduper price for the most basic fish meal possible should alert you to prices in general in fancy Iceland. Brings lots of dough.