The Midfell mountain hovering above the hamlet of Fludir on a beautiful day. PIC axelkr

The Midfell mountain hovering above the hamlet of Fludir on a beautiful day. PIC axelkr

T he hamlet of Fludir in Iceland is quite different from other such places in this country. It has no history to speak of since this place was just a few decades ago primarily a popular place for a summer cottage for people in the larger towns. This is clearly visible today.

The name Fludir means rapids and two of the more lovely things around here are the the free flowing Litla-Laxa and Stora-Laxa rivers which run through this area. The campsite here is right by the river and so is the local golf course. Both benefit tremendously.

But the major draw of this place was and is the abundance of warmth in the ground here. Geothermal energy is bubbling everywhere here which means power and warmth is very cheap. That partly explains the hundreds of summer cabins around everywhere you look and you won´t miss all the greenhouses either. In fact, this is the greenhouse capital of Iceland and a chunk of many things grown here come from Fludir.

Many locals contend Fludir is a natural gem but team Total Iceland disagrees with that assessment. Clearly, a fine place and one cannot complain about the surroundings but this is not on par with the true gems of this country. And while locals will quite like a weekend or two relaxing here in the cabins there is simply to little happening here to make it worthwhile to stay for foreign visitors. Not many foreigners visit Iceland just to chill at the same spot with beer and barbecue for days on end.

Thus Fludir is great for a couple of hours unless you want to fish or play golf. Both of which are easily done here. In fact, there are two golf courses in the area. One is Asatun golf course and the other Efra-Sel golf course. Both very adequate. Also found here is the oldest natural swimming pool in this country. The old swimming pool has recently been renovated and now goes under the name of Secret Lagoon. Quite expensive but certainly worth a dip. Otherwise grab some food, take in the ambiance and keep going.

As for staying the night we recommend the campsite but here also are better quality accommodation options. Icelandair runs its own hotel here and hostel Grund is also here. Both offer food services too. A small but expensive supermarket and a gas station also found here. One can also get fast food at the golf clubs.

For years it has been thought weather conditions here are better than elsewhere in Iceland on average. This has never been proven conclusively / A number of possibilities to get here but either coming from Geysi area or the Ring Road take road number 30 and this will get you here / Nice but not great and mostly for locals. An hour or two and you are done