In spite of 365 people losing their lives in the most horrible circumstances imaginable, Icelandair is hell bent on using the Boeing Max type of airplanes to ferry you and your family to and from Iceland.

In spite of Boeing corporation cutting corners left and right in the design and production of the Max-line of jets with the appalling result that 365 people lost their lives in the most horrible way imaginable, the flag airline of Iceland, is all-in buying and flying Boeing Max airplanes.

Which means that if you are planning a trip to Iceland or through Iceland in the near future, you´ll almost certainly fly in a plane that was designed and built with cost-cutting as the number one issue.

The specialists on both sides of the Atlantic say the Max-line of aeroplanes are fit and fancy after extensive changes and tests. But then again, these are the same specialists that OKayed the Max-planes to begin with. Their credibility is pretty much less than zero.

Team Total Iceland recommends flying to Iceland with some other airline than Icelandair in the near future…