Mynd Flickr/Thomas Landgren

S urprise, surprise! Not one destination, not one iota of all those famous and supposedly sustainable places in Iceland are truly green in any sense of the word.

We´re not bad at boasting you know. Iceland was no less than the “mecca” of financial activity before it all came crashing down within minutes in late 2008. We had the “cleanest” air in the world before the very first scientific results showed quite the opposite. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…

Sure, most of our energy and heat really comes from renewable sources but we are also world champions in using that same energy on a scale far exceeding anything else on this planet. For all the folks on the planet to use the same energy and waste as much as Icelanders you would need roughly nine planets.

Which brings us to Green Destinations. A non-profit organization for sustainable destination development and recognition. One of only a handful in the world offering advice and genuine recognition of truly sustainable travel locations. You know, those decent folks that clean up after the party.

Having scoured through their website we are sad to declare that not one destination in “green” Iceland makes the list of sustainable locations. NOT ONE!

Turns out travel in Iceland is only “green” and “sustainable” because we say so.

We here are much ashamed. Thousand apologies 🙁

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