Perhaps not what you expected in Iceland... PIC Ruv

Perhaps not what you expected in Iceland… PIC Ruv

If your idea of a fabulous time abroad is facing biting Arctic winds, traveling on roads thick with ice and snow and the very real possibility of not enjoying an iota of nature then this would be a grand time to visit Iceland.

Yup folks, wintertime has arrived in Iceland and with a vengeance too. Overnight the whole country was blanketed with snow and the temperature dropped instantly from a rather cozy ten degrees down to the blue scale of the thermometer. The hearts of team Total Iceland went out to the poor Italians driving their camper van into the highlands just 24 hours ago blissfully unaware that bad weather was on the horizon. Not too much fun staying in such a place when battered by strong winds and -6 temperature to boost. It´s actually a recipe for a disaster.

Which incidentally happened to a busload of tourist close to Reykjavik where winds threw at least one bus off the road. No one injured but quite a number of shocked folks and perhaps not the greatest memory to take back home. Being in an accident might be a better thing than visiting this place and not being able to go anywhere as happened to another busload of tourists in Seydisfjordur town. Their German buses could not even make it across the very first mountain road and their trip all but ruined. Too bad the town is too small to offer much of anything to lighten to mood.

Thus, you might well like to come over and test your stamina against the local Gods of weather but we recommend you take out insurance and bring loads of very warm clothes too. Oh, and expect to see little of our amazing natural sights.

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