Town of Gardabaer seen from air. This place is more or less a resting place for all the people working in Reykjavik. Not really worth any of your time. PIC Ismennt

Most towns in Iceland have at least one good thing for you to see or experience. The municipality of Gardabaer close to the capital Reykjavik doesn´t.

This is absolutely not a place to waste any time at all. Even the inhabitants themselves only sleep here and go to work elsewhere. In any case you will have trouble getting here unless you hire a car. You will also have trouble finding a place to stay since Gardabaer does not have any hotels or hostels.

In official brochures this place is described as: “It is a fresh and exhilirating town with beautiful nature, blossing cultural life and an active sports life.”

And no, we do not understand the words exhilirating or blossing either. But we know this to be false. It may feel that way for the locals but for any visitors there is little here to do or see.

There is some history here. If you can find the center of town, made up of a small shopping complex and adjacent parking lot called Gardatorg you are close to Hofsstadir open-air archeological site. Supposedly the site of the second largest building in Iceland from the Viking times. But the site is unremarkable and nothing there will enrich your life. Should you choose to go pick any time since the site is open 24 hours all year. Apparently it is not good enough to have its own website though.

Closeby is Vidalinskirkja, Vidalin church, which some find rather nice. Mass is held here every weekend and you are free to join.

Of some interest is the large town clock which seems kinda out of place but that interest fades when you realise it is just the modern town hall at Gardatorg.

Also here is the only museum in town; Museum of Design and Applied Art. This place is not gonna rock your world in any sense but ok if you somehow find yourself stuck in Gardabaer.

Now on to the good part. There are good parts here but a bit away from town. Gardabaer, along with neighboring Kopavogur town and Reykjavik, shares ownership of the only decent forest area in the west of Iceland. Heidmork is fantastic for a picnic and from there you gain nice views over the greater Reykjavik area. Wrap some sandwiches and some wine and enjoy some hours here. But you will need a car to get here.

Gardabaer also shares with Kopavogur a decent golf course. Leirdalur golf course is open to visitors and its setting is quite nice nestled between the two towns. You will also need a car to get to the course. A bit further than the golf course is a nice but small lake. Vifilsstadavatn is next to Heidmork forest area.

That´s all she wrote about Gardabaer.

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