This is infinitely more romantic than Elvis-style shit in Vegas. PIC Bo47

This is infinitely more romantic than Elvis-style shit in Vegas. PIC Bo47

W e know it sounds weird but every second mail we receive @totaliceland revolves around questions about how to get married in Iceland…

Perhaps we should not be surprised. Indeed, at least two tour agencies locally have partly gone into the wedding plan business instead and cannot cope with demand outside of Covid.

We understand the attraction. Corny Caribbean weddings are pretty yesterday and the Elvis impersonator style weddings in cheap Las Vegas chapels are obnoxious to say the least. Entirely forgettable experiences the day after the hangover.

Not so when you tie the knot in some god-forsaken church in some unpronounceable valley hardly found on a map in Iceland. Not so when you hold the ceremony at midnight in June and walk out the church holding hands greeted by the finest rays of sun known to man. Not so when you get stuck en-route because of snowstorms.

All is possible here in rather liberal Iceland. Getting married is a pretty simple affair here and we do not mind same-sex couples either as some retards in this world. Nope, all are welcome.

Judging from the letters most people realize this. The majority are not looking for some fancy ceremony in a grand church in Reykjavik city but rather a small affair and preferably in the middle of nowhere. And if Iceland has abundance of anything it is middle of nowhere.

The process of applying for the required permits can take anywhere from three to six weeks and arranging a smaller-type wedding in a country church is done in a week or two at most. However, we recommend people start planning months in advance if the wedding is to take place over summertime. Iceland has a tiny population and small, romantic churches are not found in every crook and nanny.

Team Total Iceland has helped make a few weddings here possible and we can assist you too. Get in touch for details: totaliceland [@ ]