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Leaving Keflavik airport in Iceland you have three options to go to the capital. PIC pinky eart

T here are four ways for visitors to get their ass from Keflavik international airport in Iceland to the capital Reykjavik which is 40 minutes away from the airport at the best of times.

First off, rent a car. This can be done beforehand but also at the airport at any time. Your choice is limited to the largest car rental agencies and in all cases you pay extra for airport pickup. If Reykjavik is but a short stop before continuing your journey somewhere else this makes sense. Else, you´d be better off to rent in Reykjavik itself. More choice and lower prices.

Secondly, take a bus. There are always buses ready for departure to Reykjavik every time a plane lands in the airport and those leave for Reykjavik approximately half an hour after each landing.

Two companies compete for your business and offer much the same but there is a price difference. Flybus offers one-way trips to the bus central in the capital for 2.300 ISK (17$ / 15€). They also offer trips straight to your hotel on-wards from the bus central in Reykjavik. This applies for most hotels in Reykjavik area. That package one-way will set you back 2.800 local kronas (24$ – 20€). Buying both ways will save you 15 per cent off these prices.

The other company, Iceland Excursions, is more expensive. With these guys you pay 2.290 ISK for the one-way no frills trip (18$ – 14€). However, these drive you straight to your hotel or offer complementary shuttles all the way. Thus, they are in reality cheaper should you wish to go straight to your hotel from the airport.

Your third option are taxis. Taxi stations do not normally list their prices and it is seldom fixed but goes by meter. Keep in mind there is a start meter price difference between companies so be sure to inquire beforehand. The majority of drivers are honest even if they might take a slightly the longer route to your destination. Should they forget to turn the meter on do not mention this at all. This is their loss and not yours and you only pay what the meter states. On average expect to pay no less than 150$ / 130€ for one way trip into Reykjavik during daytime. Add 20 per cent for trips over weekends or at night. Haggling is possible on longer routes.

Lastly, you can order a shuttle from your hotel in some cases and if you have signed up for special tours some companies offer pick-up as well. These often said to be free but fees are naturally hidden in your tour price instead. However, sometimes a better deal if a group of five to eight people are together.