The largest wooded area in Iceland is in the scenic Fljotsdal valley in the East. A must-see for nature lovers. PIC Gurkubondinn

Not that long ago visitors to Iceland could practically count on one hand the number of trees in the whole of Iceland. The land was totally bare apart from some swamps and meadows while forested areas were next to nonexistent.

In this regard we have made a tremendous stride forward and travelling here over the high summer nowadays you will in certain places come across real forests. Not large ones mind you, but they are really there shielding people and fauna from the harsh winds.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Set up camp, pour some wine, make love[/blockquote]

Unlike the forests found elsewhere this far north on the globe those forest we do have are free from most horrible insects and animals. You can thus enjoy them without a second thought and enjoy them you will.

Those forested areas open and free to the public at all times and worth visiting for the pleasure are…

  1. HALLORMSSTADASKOGUR >> Located deep in the Fljotsdal valley west of Egilsstadir town in the East of Iceland this forest is the largest in Iceland. Extremely scenic as the glacial river Lagarfljot runs silently by and in the distance, when weather permits, the iconic glacial Snaefell mountain which is part of Vatnajokull glacier. A must-stop for any nature lovers. Hotel, camping area and services available in summertime.
  2. KJARNASKOGUR >> A smaller but more popular wooded spot is this one in the next valley from Akureyri town in the North of Iceland. Very dense which makes for great cover against the constant winds. Picnics here are popular amongst locals and camping is allowed. A few summer cottages are nearby which can be rented.
  3. HEIDMORK >> Seventy years ago hardly a tree was found close to the capital Reykjavik. Through the volunteer work of locals the forest of Heidmork is now a heavenly place just minutes from Reykjavik. Indeed, the forested area now covers over 800 hectares.
  4. VAGLASKOGUR >> Another quite lovely forested area is this place also close to Akureyri town but Vaglaskogur is the second largest forest in the country. Found in Fnjoskadalur valley with clearly marked camping and recreational areas.

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