A company recklessly taking tourists to disturb the handful of eagles found in Iceland. Avoid at all costs.

A company recklessly taking tourists to disturb the handful of eagles found in Iceland. Avoid at all costs.

You know how simple folks get blinded by greenbacks in five minutes flat and afterwards care not one iota about anything else? Enron anyone? That´s what happened to the owners of the one ferry service in Iceland.

The company is Sæferðir, or Saeferdir, if we skip on the Icelandic letters. They run a ferry service from Stykkisholmur town in the Snaefellsnes peninsula straight over Breidafjordur bay. A very popular service indeed since Breidafjordur bay is crowded with not just small isles and islands but also wildlife. A really excellent ferry ride to be exact. But, and you know there is a but coming, this particular company went over and above the call of duty and well above the right thing to do.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]A big company endangering endangered Iceland eagles for a few bucks[/blockquote]

A little pre-story is needed to put things into perspective. A story about eagles.

The story revolves around the three pairs, or so, of wild eagles calling Iceland home to this day. Eagles that have been so relentlessly hunted all across Iceland that only a handful of pairs are left. We are seriously talking about eight or nine eagles on the whole island. And those pairs are trying to make a living in Breidafjordur bay.

Along come the greedy owners of Sæferðir ferry service. They figure foreign guests would love to see those eagles up close. That calculation is correct. Of course we would love to see eagles in close-up. Who wouldn´t?

Except due to how rare eagles are in Iceland, and actually worldwide their numbers are dwindling faster than speed of light, there is a law protecting the poor birds to allow them to have peace to raise chicks. Sæferðir ferry service blatantly disregarded the law and they did so at exactly the time when the eagles were raising their young.

Team Total Iceland believes you should not only skip on all tours with this ferry company but also send a hate mail to the main company of Eimskip to protest. Any company making bucks from putting birds in danger of extinction in danger should have some consequences. That´s our duty as thinking folks to protect animals that are under threat from our shit.

Here´s the email of the director of Sæferðir ferry service. Let him know what you think about his company putting the endangered eagles of Iceland under serious threat for a few extra bucks: gunnlaugur@eimskip.is