Superjeep trips in Iceland are extremely popular and rightly so. But keep in mind few vehicles pollute more than those beasts. PIC esioman

Hiring a superjeep is a popular thing for tourists visiting the beautiful island of Iceland. Onboard those it is possible to go where normal vehicles cannot and often the trips to rugged places are tremendously exhilarating.

There are lots of companies in Iceland providing this service and often for a hefty price but pooling together makes it worth it.

However, people should keep in mind that few vehicles on earth pollute as much as those monster trucks and thus whilst you are laughing your head off in one of those jeeps on a trip over a glacier or other sensitive places in the country you are contributing dearly to global warming in the world.

Most superjeeps also run on diesel which studies have proven do provoke cancer in people and the tiny soot particles from diesel engines leave a trace on a white surface such as on a glacier. More soot on a glacier means that there is more dark matter absorbing heat from the sun thus warmning the glacier more than usual.

Team Total Iceland knows superjeep trips well and knows how much fun such a trip can be. We just wanted you to know there are better ways to travel the world and those can be just as much fun.