See any young people? No, we neither. Truth is, Iceland is very expensive in summertime and for real traveling you need hoards of cash. PIC Travelmania

[dropcap style=”one” color=”grey” text=”T” /]he mad men behind a new campaign to promote Iceland, Iceland wants to be your friend, have gotten loads of attention and accolades for a great idea. Too bad the friendly idea is hollow with superficiality.

You see, foreigners only see what the tourist industry wants you to see and they, naturally, are after your money. Too bad the campaign corresponded with tourism officials complaining in local papers about this place being too cheap. Only poorer tourist were entering the country. Iceland should be aiming for affluent tourists only.

We only mention this because team Total Iceland believes this place is so special it should be easy for EVERYONE to enjoy. Not just foreign fat cats.

Oh, and by the way; see how long Iceland is your friend if you arrive with empty pockets.