Is this what´s it all about? Will sex under the Aurora Borealis make our babies happy and healthy? Some like to think so. PIC NASA

Is this what´s it all about? Will sex under the Aurora Borealis make our babies happy and healthy? Some like to think so. PIC NASA

I could not believe it. They demanded we stop and loudly so and when the driver finally did and opened the door they jumped right out into the icy snow and started making out like it was the most natural thing in the world. Except is wasn´t since it was minus three outside. Still they took their time out there while others on the bus just watched silently in disbelief. Nobody said a word when they came back aboard.“

Speaking is Haukur, an Icelandic travel guide, who ten years ago or so first alerted us at team Total Iceland to the fact that a chunk of Chinese and Japanese travelers to Iceland in deep winter come here for just one reason. To make babies.

The description above is from a guided bus tour in 2001 when a group of Northern light enthusiasts were on their way back to Reykjavik from Thingvellir when quite suddenly wafts of the Northern lights started appearing in the skies above. All but few seconds passed between the first passenger noticing until a Japanese couple rose from their seats and demanded a stop. They then preceded to have sex right by the roadside totally regardless of time and place.

Although that particular couple might have been a tiny bit out of the ordinary it is a fact few speak of that the main reason for visits to Iceland for some from Asia is to conceive under the dancing lights in the sky. Why they do is wholly understandable. Old Asian myths tell tales of babies being conceived under Aurora Borealis being happier and healthier than others in their lifetime. Who does not want that for their offspring?

This is one reason why you might actually come across a tent out in the wilderness in deep winter as team Total Iceland has witnessed. No matter the temperature, when your mind is set on something you go all in. Hats off for the determination.

But seriously, there are some better ways. Farm stays is one idea. Those places are easy to find unoccupied in wintertime. Ditto for weekend cabins found throughout. A number of those can be rented for a night or two over winter and there one gets both privacy and some luxury too oftentimes.

Best advice is to get away from Reykjavik by any means necessary. While on occasion some lights fly across the heaven above the city the chances are infinitely much higher away from the bright city lights.

Even better advice is to throw the old myth out the window. We know that is hard to do but consider the evidence. Folks in Iceland, Norway, Finland and not to mention Russia, Alaska or Canada where those majestic lights are most often seen are not particularly happier or healthier than other peoples. One might actually say on the contrary. And no doubt quite a number of those were conceived under the Northern lights.

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