Five years ago only big companies made beer in Iceland, Nowadays it seem everyone is. PIC stoicviking

So you like a drink now and then? Naturally, you as an expert drinker need something special and not the ordinary-kind-of-watery-shit-variety of beer.

Then Iceland is probably a good place to be right now. It seems every living person on the island has suddenly got the urge to brew and market their own type of beer.

Hold on a moment. This is the very same country banning beer altogether until 1989 is it not? True, but we learn fast. Whilst we were latecomers into the beer genre there is nothing holding us back now.

Indeed. By team our count there are now more than twelve individuals or small businesses making their own brew alongside the two giants on the Icelandic beer market. It has gotten so popular that brewery trips are already in the pipeline for tourists.

Beer and spirits are sold in a specialty store in Iceland called Vinbudin. A state run store with little but growing selection of the stuff you need to get drunk as a skunk. There is one in most bigger towns of Iceland but do not be surprised if you find the nearest store to be two hours away by car.

But  there is a shortcut if you are spending time in Reykjavik city. The very first bar selling exclusively local microbrew opened in Vallarstraeti in downtown Reykjavik some time ago. There you get the chance of trying six of the local microbrews made on this island of ours. Another popular one, Kaldi Bar, opened in spring 2013 and only serves the micro-brewed Kaldi beer. We recommend both.

As for the rest you will need to make a stop at Vinbudin store and ask.

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