Construction of any kind has been halted and changed in Iceland because of elves for centuries. PIC Nicolas Pacquet

Construction of any kind has been halted and changed in Iceland for centuries. PIC Nicolas Pacquet

S eems a bad case of Alzheimer´s disease is affecting quite a lot of the foreign media nowadays. Every five years or so you´ll suddenly find great articles about the famous elf-people of Iceland and how elfstones or elf-something or the other has affected to building of something in Iceland.

To put the record straight, roads and construction companies have been making detours away from suspected Elfstones for 40 years or so all over Iceland. Tales of such things abound in old folktales too. In fact, this has long stopped being newsworthy here in Iceland until big foreign media suddenly took interest about ten years ago.

By our count there are at least five spots in a 30 minute radius from downtown Reykjavik where construction of roads, paths or buildings has been changed or cancelled because of Elfstones or hidden peoples as some might call them. There might even be more. Every one has its own story and some of those stories come with a twist.

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