Think Iceland is fine for travel in wintertime? PIC steini

Think Iceland is fine for travel in wintertime? PIC steini

We understand completely the need to try something new and exciting in deep winter. But showing up in the North of Iceland in March with a tent and surfer gear is nothing short of being endlessly stupid.

A French couple with exactly that; a tent and some surfer gear, had to be rescued a couple of days ago from raging winds and blizzard before they froze to death out in the open. Luckily for them a farm was nearby.

What on earth propels foreigners to believe Iceland in March is the month to go camping and surfing zero degree waves we wonder. Even camping here in July is a pretty cold experience although without the blizzards and Arctic winds. Sure, one could be lucky and get tranquil and lovely days in wintertime. But basing travels to exotic destinations on luck is bound to disappoint.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Even camping here in July is a pretty cold experience[/blockquote]

In the very best years, in weather terms, one could pitch a tent hereabouts in May without spending nights shivering so much as to alert volcanic activity systems but NEVER sooner. Campsites on the whole do not even usually open here until late May or beginning of June. Once in awhile winters here are so hard even the highland area cannot be opened until high summer in July.

Even if the French couple in question realized their error and tried to turn back or continue their travel by way of hotels they would not be able to at this moment. You see, large chunks of roads in the Westfjords, North and East of Iceland are more or less closed to all traffic due to snow and blizzards. In the sexy month of March they are stuck where they are until the weather subsides considerably. That might be tomorrow but might also be late next week.

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