Annual snowfall is not enough. All glaciers in Iceland are shrinking fast. PIC jeezzer-hozzer

Annual snowfall is no longer enough to combat higher temperatures. All glaciers in Iceland are shrinking fast. PIC jeezzer-hozzer

It´s official! There is now one less glacier in Iceland than before. Another reminder to haul your ass over here before it is too late.

Scientists tell a local newspaper that one of the smallest glaciers in the country, one named Ok, is now too small to hold on to its glacier rating. The tiny glacier measured 16 square kilometers in size in 1896 but time has not been kind and it now measures about 0.7 square kilometer. Officially no longer a glacier.

This is not exactly breaking news. Glaciers in Iceland as elsewhere have been shrinking rapidly in recent decades and not so long ago scientists also warned that Snaefellsjokull glacier was also fast disappearing.

What makes this more disturbing, at least for local outdoor types and nature lovers, is the fact that both of these glaciers have been among the most picturesque in Iceland. Snaefellsjokull glacier is very visible from Reykjavik area on a clear day and Ok has been the most majestic thing for folks touring the beautiful Borgarfjordur valley.

Sjá Disappearing glaciers in Iceland á stærra korti

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