Drinking straight from clear rivers and streams in Iceland should teach you a thing or two about water. PIC Kröyer

Drinking straight from clear rivers and streams in Iceland should teach you a thing or two about water. PIC Kröyer

For the most of us making money is an arduous task requiring giving our limited time away often in less-than-interesting jobs with less-than-nice bosses. And yet, when abroad many folks throw away their hard-earned cash like there´s no tomorrow.

Team Total Iceland is constantly surprised by how many tourists in Iceland buy expensive bottled water in stores. Such thing is utterly understandable in many places on the globe and perhaps most places as pollution and contamination travels the globe no less than people.

But in Iceland you´re in luck. Due to its solitary existence far away from any other country and also because it is such a young country in geological terms the water here is better than in most other spots on earth. It´s also absolutely free.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Fear not, if you are not the outdoor type[/blockquote]

So, why do most tourists carry expensive bottled water around? Sure, it might look cool to drink Iceland glacial or Glacial Iceland or whatever fancy name marketers put on plastic bottles filled with water but if you need such tactics to appeal to people you better take a closer look in the mirror.

We implore you, should you visit this amazing country, to stop by any stream, river or lake almost anywhere in Iceland, bend down and take a sip. Compared to the water in fresh streams all across the country bottled water is as refreshing as a Sahara heatwave.

Fear not, if you are not the outdoor type. Just head to the nearest bathroom or sink anywhere and drink to your heart´s content. Free of charge and much more enjoyable than water stuck in plastic bottles for months on end. We guarantee it 🙂 In this way everybody wins. You taste real water for the first time ever and save money and nature, the very same nature you came to see, gets not inundated with yet more plastic stuff that never goes away.

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