This guy is not only breaking Icelandic law but could also be damaging extremely delicate growth. Please respect the land. PIC ezioman

W e understand completely the need to take in ALL of Icelandic nature whilst traveling in the country but we beg you to respect nature and never ever stray off marked roads. Especially in the highland area.

Now, we could threaten you and tell you that if caught driving on pristine land you could be fined and pretty heavily too. But this threat is hollow since both the police and park rangers are heavily short-staffed and thus the likelihood of getting caught is next to nil.

But team Total Iceland asks you nicely and respectfully. NEVER drive off clearly marked roads. Our land is very young, very delicate and any damage you do will take centuries to recover. This even applies if you travel on foot since a single footprint in moss grown area can take decades to regrow.

Please, please, please. There are not many untouched places left in the world but a big chunk of Iceland still is. Let us all keep it that way. Enough devastation as it is…

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