Debunking some far flung myths about Iceland and Icelanders

W eird myths and legends is what drives many foreign peoples to come visit Iceland. The Sagas, the Geysers, the Norse mythology, the naked dancing and not forgetting all those lovely trolls and elves that wander around everywhere and make our lives miserable.

Naturally we invented all this stuff to get you interested and it has worked wonders. But in all the haste some not-so-reliable-myths must have slipped in between. Now is the time of debunking.

Below are actual questions we have gotten from visitors from abroad recently. Questions that say a whole lot about the inquirer.

Q: Do all Icelanders have beautiful skin because of the Blue lagoon and its effects?
A: Ridiculous thought. Many Icelanders have never been to the lagoon and never will. However, people suffering from the psoriasis skin disease do report positive effects of its water.

Q: Is it really rude to leave a tip after a meal in a restaurant in Iceland?
A: As if. Waiters and waitresses in Iceland get decent wages but is anyone anywhere going to turn down a few bucks? Nope.

Q: How can you sleep with all this sunshine 24 hours a day?
A: We can´t. But practice makes perfect.

Q: Why is Greenland ice and Iceland green?
A: To keep away the tourist.

Q: You guys must be heavily inbred?
A: Yeah, which is why most of us could pose for the cover of Fitness and Health magazine. But yes, inbreeding was a problem.

Q: Is there really a real beach in Reykjavik city?
A: Yes indeed. In Nautholsvik close to University of Reykjavik and Reykjavik airport.

Q: When did you quit living in snow houses?
A: Sorry, wrong country. We never lived in snow houses but our neighbors to the west did for centuries.

Q: You must be really proud of your Viking heritage?
A: We´re not really of much Viking heritage. This place was settled by folks fleeing the horror and misery of the Vikings.

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