Some folks should not be allowed to travel. One German tax consultant included. PIC Chris Goldberg

Some folks should not be allowed to travel. One German tax consultant included. PIC Chris Goldberg

Every hotel owner the world over knows that on average German tourists are as cheap as they come. Ditto that in Iceland where busloads of Germans arrive here weekly by ferry from Europe on modern buses with holds chock full of bratwurst, sauerkraut and Lowenbrau.

Team Total Iceland is unaware if there have been any serious studies into why the Germans, as they seem the only ones to bring the whole of Germany along for each ride abroad, feel the need to bring EVERYTHING with them from home.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]What a horrible representation for Germany[/blockquote]

Admittedly, this is one of the richest country on earth and perhaps stinginess is one major reason for that title. But it shows awfully limited respect for customs in the country being visited and one wonders why travel at all if one needs to take Germany along for the ride. Would it not be better just to stay at home and watch old episodes of Derrick?

We mention this because there is an ongoing debate on local social media about a certain German tax consultant, in Iceland for the fourth time, making unheard of demands of hoteliers and restaurants owners all across the country. This weirdo travels alone and makes much fuzz about getting deep discounts on food and lodging or else…

The “else” in this case is a horrible online review on TripAdvisor and other such review sites.

In and by itself, nothing wrong with asking for rebates or discounts in travel as in everything else. Often discounts can be had by nicely asking. But pushing it and even threatening if demands are not met is far removed from the decent thing to do. Sure, bad reviews can hurt an establishment but giving bad reviews simply because one did not get one´s own way is called bullying and such persons must be rotten to the core. Which does not surprise given that this individual is a tax consultant.

Problem is, Iceland is very tiny. Not the country but the population. A hotelier in Vopnafjordur might well know a hotelier in Keflavik and a restaurant owner in Akureyri might be good friends with a chef in Höfn. Which is why the German tax consultant, name and everything, is being widely discussed on social media. Now, every person in the industry in Iceland knows about the guy.

What a horrible representation for Germany. What a horrible rotten person.