The view from Hotel Glymur is great... except for the industrial complex nearby polluting everything. PIC Ben Husmann

The view from Hotel Glymur is great… except for the industrial complex nearby polluting everything. PIC Ben Husmann

As team Total Iceland has written about in the past there is a lot in this world we do not understand. Like, for example, how a fancy hotel resort located just a breath away from very polluting industrial area can get such fantastic reviews from everyone.

Indeed, that is the case in Hvalfjordur, Iceland where a pretty fine and decent hotel, Hotel Glymur, is located on a hilly side in picturesque surroundings. True, this is not a five star place but no matter what magazine or website, local or foreign, one reads they all seem to agree that this is the absolute best place for everything. One of the best hotels in Iceland according to Tripadvisor!!![blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Pollution might not be plainly visible at all times[/blockquote]

Sure, maybe this place has fantastic food. Maybe this place has awesome beds and maybe watching the stars above while sitting in a warm and cozy hot tub is all that.

But part of the view from the cozy hot tub is over one of the largest industrial complexes in the country, located a mere five minutes away. Pollution might not be plainly visible at all times but is sure as hell having enough effect that farmers around here are very worried. Indeed, measurements taken by officials around this industrial complex show that there is pollution „but below dangerous levels.“ Then ask what “below dangerous levels mean and you get a shrug. Nobody really knows much about how chemicals are affecting our lives.

Now, we are no scientists but sleeping in a place this close to an heavily polluting industry could very well have a negative effect on your health. In both short and long run. Recent studies indicate pollution is having a lot more bad health effects on people than formerly believed.

Thus, no matter how great the stars above, no matter how fantastic the food and no matter how very fancy this place is it can never be such fabulous place as all the fancy articles or TripAdvisor would have you believe.

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