The setting of some scenes of the movie Interstellar. PIC Winston McLeod

The setting of some scenes of the movie Interstellar. PIC Winston McLeod

S eems some people out there care about little more than imitating their favorite superstars in all and everything. Which is why we´re showing you where exactly some scenes from the movie Interstellar were taken in Iceland.

The name is Svinafellsjokull which is a part of the larger Vatnajokull glacier. Funnily enough Svinafellsjokull translates roughly as Pighill glacier after an old nearby farm of the same name. The farm itself deserves mentioning since the place does appear in one of the more interesting Sagas of Iceland. Getting here is easy as ABC and there is accommodation available here too. It is next door, so to speak, to Skaftafell National Park and below the highest point of Iceland; Hvannadalshnjuk summit.

As for stepping on the glacier itself this can be done quite easily. A pathway leads right up to a small lagoon by the end of the glacier tongue and if you are fit it is not too much problem to find a way onto the glacier itself.

Is that feasible or smart?

Not really. As we´ve mentioned before glaciers are tremendously dangerous places and in some places the slightest misstep will send you to your death in seconds. Which is why the lead actors of Interstellar never tried. They were transferred by helicopter to sturdy areas in the middle of the glacier. In the picture above you notice how much stronger the glacier is in the middle part but broken and dirty on the sides.

You could hire some tour guides to assist if you´re dying to feel the glacier underneath your feet. A number of companies offer tours to this place. Whatever you do, take out insurance and write your will just in case.

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