So many places, so little time. Bars in Reykjavik are as different as they are many. But which ones should you try?

As elsewhere in most cites barhopping is a pretty popular pastime among locals. In reality this is only possible in Reykjavik and to a lesser extent in Akureyri. In other towns in the country there is usually only one or perhaps two bars in each and barhopping soon becomes a rather repetive exercise.

But where to go in Reykjavik for some juicy fun and good times?

Broadly speaking you only have a couple of options. Stride around the bars found in Laugavegur and surrounding streets or head down to Austurvollur and Ingolfstorg (see map) where you´ll find plenty of places to choose from. There are bars outside of these two areas but in all likelihood you will be sitting there alone 99 percent of the time or best case joined by some shady characters.

Always keep in mind that on average Icelanders visit bars very late in the evening close to and over the weekend. Around 22:00 some popular bars will be filling up quickly and most will be packed around midnight. However, bars frequented by foreigners will be crowded much earlier.

Below is a map of all bars in downtown Reykjavik in July 2014. Bars regularly go out of business here you see. Click on each place on the map to get further information about each one.

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View All the cool places in downtown Reykjavik Iceland in a larger map