In so many places in Iceland there are perfect grounds for the horrible mosquito fly. Amazingly there are none. PIC taivasalla

I t is one of the great mysteries among biologists everywhere. Why are there no mosquitoes in Iceland?

It makes little sense, you see, because all the other Nordic countries have loads of them. Both our island neighbors, Greenland to the west and Faroe Islands to the Southeast have them. In fact, in Greenland in summertime they are sometimes so numerous that bright days sometimes turn to darkness.

Well, perhaps the last tidbit is exaggeration but nevertheless mosquitoes are very fond of Greenland and you will notice soon enough should you visit this biggest island in the world.

Then fly for a couple of hours to the swamps surrounding Reykjavik airport and…. zero mosquitoes.

Nobody knows why. A big chunk of Reykjavik is choice habitat for the insect.

So get your ass over here before that happens. For should they arrive they will most certainly be the most obnoxious insect in Iceland.