In Iceland there really is little difference in opening a restaurant and playing poker. In both instances you lay out all your money and sooner rather than later you lose it all.

It almost seems something mathematicians should taka a close look at; why do restaurants in Iceland fold and die every five seconds? Take a look at Tripadvisors list of the best restaurants in Reykjavik and only two of the ten best have a history longer than a couple of years.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”left”]Cheap meal in an Icelandic restaurant, not including junk food, will set you back around 6€ / 8$[/blockquote]

This is partly why team Total Iceland won´t really recommend any restaurants. Because we don´t want you to find this page in five years time, make plans and find boarded windows when you arrive.

Luckily this trend has been reversing for the last five years or so and nowadays you will find very decent restaurants in Reykjavik and some of the larger towns around the country. Elsewhere you will have to do mainly with fast junk food.

That being said here are some restaurants in Reykjavik with all the right ingredients to survive longer than one lonely winter. The food is well above average in all cases and often the prices too.

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