Next few weeks we will be highlighting genuine locally made products from Iceland. Screengrab

Next few weeks we will be highlighting genuine locally made products from Iceland. Screengrab

Laugh at us all you want but team Total Iceland feels a deep need whenever we are traveling in unknown parts of the world to buy a real local souvenir in each country. Not the mass produced China made stuff that fills most western souvenir shops but something as local as local can be.

Since finding true local stuff is getting pretty hard in Iceland these day; the number of stores selling mass produced foreign stuff has mushroomed here and a number of firms have been fined for lying about products being made in country when that has not been the case. You, the visitor, can therefore never be sure the things you are buying are locally made in spite of the sale spin.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]finding true local stuff is getting pretty hard in Iceland[/blockquote]

Therefore, we´d like to lend our support for locally made wares and hopefully help you too if you want to buy some authentically local stuff while visiting. For the next few weeks we will highlight some locally made products that are locally making a splash. It may or may not suit you but at least you´ll leave with authentic stuff if it does.

We will start with a lightly weird trend that has gotten stronger these last few months. A bow-tie trend. Men, young and old, have started wearing these colorful bow ties to gatherings and parties and amazingly the sudden fame of bow ties has happened 100% organically thanks to a couple of college students trying to make ends meet while attending classes.

So they learned how to sew and afterwards starting a tiny online company called 104 Slaufur, 104 Bowties, after a Reykjavik neighborhood. Within weeks their colorful and modern bow ties were all the rage at their school and the trend has since spread. Their most famous bow tie, the Icelandic flag bow tie, has sold in the thousands and for a while demand far outweighed supply. Little later they introduced a very special one made entirely from fish skin. Yeah, you got that right, scales and all. Lo and behold, the fish bow tie, was bestseller number two.

Here you can take a look at their online site if interested in locally made Iceland products.

* No one from team Total Iceland is in any way linked to the products introduced or anyone making them. No one is paying us to advertise or promote this stuff nor would we ever do such promotion. We are independent in all and everything.

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