Is this the next “Eyjafjallajokull”? Hardly, but it could disrupt flights to and from Iceland´s only international airport. The land here has risen 8 centimetres in 24 months. PIC Rosino

Tremors and smallar earthquakes are common in the Krysuvik area on the Reykjanesskagi which incidentally lies between the capital Reykjavik Iceland and its only international airport in Keflavik. But the ground rising 8 centimetres in 24 months before falling again is not common at all.

The whole of Reykjanesskagi peninsula in Iceland is really just where the continental plates of Europe and America rise from the ocean and continue on land throughout the country.

This is why there is so much geothermal energy in the grounds here and this energy is to thank for the lovely Blue Lagoon for instance. The lagoon is only a few kilometres away from Krýsuvik area which is also not far from the greater Reykjavik area.

The land in Krysuvik is amazing and rough. Rising steam can be seen from far away and in some places hot mud pools dot the landscape.

Scientist are not certain why land here has risen and fallen for the last two years. It could be a prelude to a volcano but there could be other explanations as well.

In any case, fear not, since and eruption here is not likely to be big enough to halt air traffic all over the globe. But it would certainly be very serious matter for Reykjavik city and air traffic to and from Keflavik.

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