Throw the bloody map away and ask the locals if in doubt. Nicer, more fun and you might learn something new

Team Total Iceland has been guiding foreign friends around the small volcanic island of Iceland for quite some time. During this time we have observed a few things that you people, yes that means you too, could do to make a visit here nicer and more fulfilling.


Locals can tell the difference between tourists from North America and elsewhere from miles away. The former have their backpacks.

Drop the fucking backpack!!!  There is nothing more ridiculous than bringing your backpack on your 60 minute walking tour of Reykjavik city. But many of you do regardless. Even on longer trips there really is no need. It is excess baggage and prevents you from enjoying life and travel.


Wear extra clothes. This may sound ridiculous in mid-july when the sun shines bright all day and all night and the temperature hoovers around 15 degrees. But trust us. Be it July or December the weather here can change in a heartbeat and travel is not really fun when you are soaked through and cold. You can easily outsmart cold weather with warm clothes.


Why travel at all if you are scared of mixing with the locals? Tons of tourists scratch their heads over maps all over the island with locals all around. There is no law against asking in Iceland last time we checked. Some even say we are pretty helpful but what do they know.

Next week: some sex advice from Dr. Ruth

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