A January view from Perlan viewing platform in Reykjavik city. PIC Adam Horne

A January view from Perlan viewing platform in Reykjavik city. PIC Adam Horne

Team Total Iceland is not much for shouting out or blowing horns to get noticed. We have never, ever advertised; never, ever compromised and never, ever given a bad advice. The last two will hold for eternity but we´re gonna break number one for your benefit right now.

We do so after being asked to assist an American couple on their way here in a few weeks time. Alan and Rebecca asked us to review their travel plan as we offer to do, see here, for those that wish to do things one hundred percent. We did, and were flabbergasted.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]That´s a ridiculous difference[/blockquote]

Flabbergasted is, for those new in here, one of our favorite words for it says so much without saying anything at all. What we found was that the couple spending time in Reykjavik, Snaefellsnes, Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon and a couple of days in the Westman-Islands booked hotels through Expedia. All the hotels were without exception way, way expensive in spite of the couple arriving in late January. Late January in Iceland is pretty far removed from being a hot destination month if you get our drift. The high prices made no sense to us so we checked our own hotel search to see if the prices they were paying were normal. They were not.

Booking the same five hotels the couple did for seven nights through Expedia through our own site saved Alan and Rebecca approximately 390$. And we checked way later than they did. That´s a ridiculous difference and which very probably goes to show our hotel booking site, just chosen the world´s best for second year running, is far and away a better option in an expensive country. Expedia is simply not a serious contender.

Please do make price comparisons people. We have all these gadgets at our disposal now and not taking the time to use them is next to criminal. Unless, money grows on trees in your neighborhood.

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