Nice in Reykjavik… or not. Empty streets, cold and rainy the night before the CNN recommended Reykjavik winter festival. Take it from honest people; it is not worth it. PIC hbr3409

“Never, ever listening to advice from CNN again,” said Scot Trevor McNulty from Aberdeen recently in Iceland with his girlfriend echoing similar sentiments from other foreigners in a small downtown bar in Reykjavik Iceland a short while ago. The US news station recommended visiting Iceland in February over the Reykjavik winter festival but as expected by Team Total Iceland the festival was a disaster.

We have written extensively about the stupidity of visiting Iceland in the winter months when any weather can be expected at any time. Sure, you can survive and even have fun although it rains up your nose when you go outside and hell, getting blown around the city streets by cold arctic winds could count as a special experience. Just not every day.

In any case, any festival is a disaster when not even locals show up and that is what happened here. Not just on the account of bad weather but mostly because there was not so much to see or do. No one is going museum-hopping and laughing all the time when each time you venture outside you´ll get wet and cold in an instant.

So get a grip and change that winter trip to summer trip. It is the only way to experience this fantastic country the way you deserve.