An older cottage in a fantastic location in Isafjordur fjord in the Westfjord area of Iceland. These cottages are found all over the country and many can be rented. PIC Stuckincustoms

Foreigners spending time traveling around Iceland often gasp at the many wonderful cottages found throughout in some of the most picturesque places. These vary in size and shape. Some can accommodate four til sex while others easily host up to 12 to 15 people.

The smaller ones are a much nice option overall. You have everything you need for a day, a week or a month except food which you bring with you. Most all have barbecues and many offer hot tubs as well. Some er hidden in magical places while others stand defiant upon the windiest hills.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]This is how the average locals spend their summer vacation[/blockquote]

This is how the locals spend their summer vacation and these cottages are pretty popular too over weekends in wintertime for either a romantic moment or a wild office party and everything in between. Often located in the very best locations near to fantastic and unique places like Geysir, Thingvellir, Myvatn og Vatnajokull glacier.

Such places are hundred times nicer than staying in hotels, hostels or guesthouses in our view. But somehow foreigners generally seem not aware these places exist and can oftentimes be rented for a short period. Which is kinda sad. Most of you are here for the nature and not particularly another night in another city hotel.

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Total Iceland has its own list of about 80 cottages all over the country available for short rentals over summertime and where the owners have not raised their rental price thousand fold these last couple of years. Prices vary vastly according to location and size but very roughly put one can stay a night in a nice cabin in more central places from 16.000 to 28.000 ISK per night. These can accommodate from two to ten people.Get in touch should you be interested.


If not up your alley you could also check into the regular hotel. But bear in mind to do so as early as possible as demand far outstrips supply in the accommodation business here.

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