Little to worry about for those choosing to camp in Reykjavik city. PIC Reykjavikcampsite

Little to worry about for those choosing to camp in Reykjavik city. PIC Reykjavikcampsite

W e understand your concerns completely. Setting up camp in cities of this world can be a daunting thought. Often campsites are far away from everything. Security less than perfect or non-existent and necessary services poor and sometimes lacking altogether.

Not so in Reykjavik city. In the area known as Laugardalur (see map below) you´ll find the only official campsite in the city, open year round and it is just about perfect.

To begin with Laugardalur is a green valley approximately in the center of the city. One could call this place the Central Park of Reykjavik. The real center, not to be confused with center of downtown. This means the campsite is well located close to residential areas, close to transportation but you are still shielded from city noise and traffic.

The campsite itself has all the services you could require and then some. Hot running water, bathrooms, showers as well as extras such as selling breakfast, a small information and booking center, bike rental and storage and internet access upon request. The whole site is wheelchair accessible and there is space for tents as well as cars and caravans too.

Sounds rather nice doesn´t it? Did we mention this place is officially eco-friendly? But there is even more to tell you about.

It just so happens the site is located right next to the largest and many say best, swimming pool in Reykjavik.A dip into Laugardalslaug swimming pool or its numerous hot tubs is the absolute best way to greet a new day or just unwind after trotting around the city. More about Laugardalslaug here.

Another fine thing is the fact there is a hostel on site too. Should weather and wind not be to your liking in your tent there is a nice shelter right here. Be aware though that places are limited and sought after. Also an option are a few private little cabins on-site for rent. A good option for familes and prices fair.

Lastly, one does not have to go far from here to get quite tasty meals. Lauga-Ás is a very fine, but not posh, restaurant just steps from the campsite. Need a supermarket? One is five minute walk away from here. Although we recommend buying stuff elsewhere as the 10/11 supermarket is the most expensive in the country.

We still haven´t even told you about other things found in Laugardalur if you have exhausted other Reykjavik sights. A botanical garden is here and so is a small petting zoo as well as a tiny adventure park for kids.

All in all a pretty great campsite. More here.

Prices per head from 1700 ISK per head in a tent and upwards for caravan owners. 40 minutes walk to the downtown center of the city but buses to and from stop right outside.