Nice in Nice. Well, Reykjavik actually but you get our drift. PIC felixtungsteno

Visiting Iceland and not enjoying a dip in one of many swimming pools in the country is like going to Spain and keeping only in the shadows. Swimming is a favorite pastime for thousands of locals in Iceland and for a good reason.

First off, the pools are all geothermally heated and thus always comfortably warm. The biggest swimming centres also offer a variety of relaxing hot tubs where the temperature ranges anywhere from 37 degrees to 42 degrees. Slip your body into one of these after a hectic day and you will know why we always come back for more.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]some places are well worth going the extra mile for[/blockquote]

There are quite a few swimming pools in the Reykjavik area and if you ask locals each has its own preference. Most often this has to do with where you live and the closest swimming pool but some places are well worth going the extra mile for.

Here´s why:


    – The largest swimming pool in the country. Overall very popular but double that during sunny hours in summertime. There is both an outdoor and indoor pool, special children´s pool with water slides and no less than five different hot tubs. Oh yeah, and three separete saunas and a massage parlor. Space for everyone and little crowding unless the temperature goes above 20 degrees. Best place to see male and females take off more clothes than usual during hot spells. Stay away if breasts make you vomit. Open daily 6:30 to 22.


    – This place is a little off the chart for tourists but very nice place. Small indoor and outdoor pools but large and cozy hot tubs. Naturally sauna is here also and an added bonus; a fine view over Ellidadalur valley while soaking. Open weekdays 6:30 to 22, Saturdays 9 – 17 and Sundays 11 to 19.


    – Again a little bit out of way in Kopavogur town next to Reykjavik. A nice fine indoor and outdoor swimming pool and abundance of hot tubs for all ages. Water slides and extremely convenient for people with children since lots to do for the kids. Very nice sauna as well and an impressive sun deck. Open 06:30 – 22 weekdays and from 08:00 til 20 at weekends.

This is far from exhaustive list but only the three best pools in or around the capital in our opinion. Overall it matters little where you go but the above ones have that little extra spice that others lack. All three places mentioned are easy to get to by local bus.

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