Reindeers roam around the Eastern part of Iceland. A proportion of the majestic animals are hunted each year and all can apply for a permit. PIC Tom Olliver

In most countries you naturally pay a high premium for a licence to hunt animals. Not so in Iceland.

For a relatively small fee you can get a licence, hire a guide and travel the Icelandic wilderness hunting deer every fall and winter but this experience is nothing short of magical.

Hunting for fun or pleasure is a relatively new phenomenon in Iceland and probably therefore everyone with a gun permit can sign up for the yearly hunt of reindeer.

Yes, we are aware that these do transport Santa Claus every christmas so we make sure to leave a few. But the rest is up for killing.

Interested parties must request for a permit on a yearly basis and foreigners must make these requests through a local party. The main hunting grounds are in the East of Iceland and a local guide must accompany any hunter at all times.

Prices for a kill differ but expect a licence for one animal from around 1100 $ / 850 €.

Information concerning licences and timing of allowed hunting each year are found on the website of the Icelandic Environmental Agency here.