Everyone should be very respectful of glaciers. Everyone spending a night on one is taking a certain chance. PIC Andy Lederer

They say glacier camping, the newest fad in Iceland tourism, will get you closer to nature than just about anything else. That comes close to being the loudest bullshit on record in our opinion.

At least two tour organizers in Iceland have started offering tourists the chance to spend a night on a real glacier for a hefty price. Whilst a definitive novelty in the tourism business we doubt tourists will enjoy such a trip at all.

What do we mean? Such an experience sounds really exciting.

A) Such trips are very expensive. Priced at 645$ / 522€ at present per person for a two day trip.

B) No one can guarantee your safety on a glacier.

C) Cold and damp.

D) Little to do. You are not allowed to wander about much.

E) You will see nothing of nature. All you see is ice in all directions.

However, we do understand the fascination for glaciers and indeed the guides are very knowledgeable and experienced. But glaciers are places that can turn in one second from being the best place on earth to being hell on earth. Crevices can open up swiftly and suddenly and what is one minute the finest weather in the world can the next minute blow you and your glacier tent to kingdom come.

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