A real glacier or the nearest snowy mountaintop? That is the question. PIC Martin_vmorris

Team Total Iceland can confirm that some of the trips advertised as glaciers trips or tours never really go near a real glacier.

It is not clear how widespread this practice is but the glacier tour companies substitute very snowy areas for a glacier and few people are any wiser. Even Icelanders themselves have been taken in and very easily since a snowy mountain area is really not that different from a glacier. But the mountaintop is naturally much much safer and much less hassle for the tour guides and in some cases much cheaper for the organizer too.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]you will probably not know the difference[/blockquote]

Two persons working for these companies confirm to Total Iceland that the practice is common but it also depends a lot on the weather and conditions. It is not advisable to be on a glacier if winds are picking up and snowmobiling, a popular sport on these trips, is hazardous on a crevasse filled glacier as most are.

As an experience you will probably not know the difference but Team Total Iceland believes a glacier trip, which are pretty costly, should be a glacier trip and not just a trip to the nearest snow blanketed area. If in doubt on a trip ask and ask again. You could also find the coordinates for a glacier you are visiting and compare on the way if a signal is possible.

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