The flag carrier of Iceland has faced problems lately and not surprisingly either. PIC Doug

The flag carrier of Iceland has faced problems lately and not surprisingly either. PIC Doug

We understand twelve thousand travelers might be left stranded somewhere on Monday the 16th of June if they happen to have a flight ticket booked with Icelandair. Do not be surprised if this is the very first you hear about it; Icelandair usually does little to inform their customers of anything at all.

You doubt an airline would keep its customers waiting forever and then some? Try lodging an complaint with the airline and then expect answers in 6 to 8 weeks according to the latest twitter statement by the company itself. Try calling the airline on busy days in summer and you will most likely be customer number 67 or thereabouts if you are lucky enough to get through at all.

Worst of all though, is the tendency of Icelandair NOT to inform its customers of potential problems.

This has happened repeatedly this spring as pilots, mechanics and other staff has threatened strikes and indeed one strike happened. Another might be around the corner when mechanics stop working for a day. Should you be in possession of a ticket on the 16th of June prepare for a change of plan.

The reason all these folks at Icelandair are striking is striking indeed. Seems the company, which has been making fortunes last couple of years with awesome raises for the chiefs, does not adhere to the trickle-down theory. Fantastic profits do not mean higher pay for the folks doing the hard work. We call it the common-western-company-syndrome.

Our advice is to chill even if you do possess tickets on Monday the 16th of June. The strike might be called off in the nick of time but in any case you will get a full refund and possible be entitled to compensation too if flights are cancelled or delayed. Just don´t count on getting any special messages from the airline.

PS: don´t blame the folks striking. Strikes are only the last straw of folks fighting for decent pay for decent work. Blame the top dogs.

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