This might interest you or it might not. But it matters. PIC afagen

This might interest you or it might not. But it matters. PIC afagen

Team Total Iceland, unlike most US republicans, believes firmly in fairness in life. Of treating ALL people with equal respect everywhere, every time. This might make us socialists in some groups but we think it simply makes us human.

Which is why we want to tell you a little bit about the flag carrier of Iceland. Yes, the same nation that technically went bankrupt six years ago and is still reeling from the shock although this is only visible to those spending serious time here.

We know a lot of you arrive here on an Icelandair flight since that company owns most routes to and from the country. But this flag carrier is employing Enron-type salaries for its top dogs in spite of massive inflation in a heavily indebted country. Ok, Enron might be a bit too much but the CEO of Icelandair is taking home each month ten times what the lowest paid worker for his company is making. Apart from raking in millions from stock options.

Same goes for the chairman of the board. That very same chairman was booted from the board of much larger airlines, Finnair, after it became known the board was secretly siphoning heavy bonuses to its top employees. Yup, a man booted from Finnair because of unlawful behavior is still picking up a great monthly check as chairman of Icelandair.

Don´t get us wrong. We are not against good salaries for good CEO´s but there´s quite a bit of difference between the US and Iceland. Almost 400 million people are US citizens but on this rock in the Atlantic only about 300 thousand people live. If huge salaries in the States are a big deal imagine the effect on a society a million times smaller or so. Yeah, not a pretty picture is it.

We could go on but we won´t. Just think twice before booking with this airline.