Under the volcano. Hella golf course is one of the better courses in Iceland. And should you tire of the game you can always admire Hekla mountain in the background. PIC Erik Anestad

We know the Spanish Canaries, the Florida peninsula or the famous links courses in Scotland are more likely to come to your mind when thinking of playing some serious golf worldwide.

Iceland is not on that list for most people for the very simple reason that many don´t believe A) Iceland has any golf courses and B) If there are they must not be very good.

Both assumptions are wrong![blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]No disrespect to the Scots but their country is not covered in old lava[/blockquote]

We have loads of golf courses. Almost one per person. Well, strike that as a tiny exaggeration. However, you will find about 65 courses throughout the country and fifteen of those are 18 holes.

Mind you, the quality is not up to scratch on many of those and in golf it is all about quality and not quantity. But we can honestly say, and we have tried, the very best courses in Iceland can on a good day match those in Scotland and then some. No disrespect to the Scots but their country is not covered in old lava.

And it is old lava that makes a handful of courses here quite stunning to see and heavily difficult to deal with for players. You can possibly find your balls in thick woods or shallow lakes and quite possibly make a save too. Try that on Icelandic lava and you will need a new set of clubs on hole 2.

Lava or not. The best part of playing in Iceland is naturally the surroundings. You will be hard pressed to find a course you can focus on 100% due to the beautiful nature all around. And that is not a bad thing since no one is coming here to improve their swing but to enjoy.

Not bad either are the prices for playing. While you will have to fork out 10.000 ISK, 80$/70€, on the very best courses you can also find quite a nice course in-country for as low as 3.000 ISK, 25$/20€. Which, as the Spanish would say, is nada.

Timewise you should be here in June or July. May and August can be really nice but those are more 50/50.

[reveal title=”Tours available” open=”false,true” color=”grey-lite”] Team Total Iceland is offering guided golf tours in Iceland. From simple recommendations to all-inclusive-no-holds-barred adventures and everything in between. Get in touch for details. [/reveal]

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