Time wasted in Iceland by hitchhiking. PIC Patrick Rosenberg

Time wasted in Iceland by hitchhiking. PIC Patrick Rosenberg

One major hurdle about traveling cheaply within Iceland is the lack of decent infrastructure. What this entails for you is that you will find it very difficult to visit anything else than the tour companies offer unless you book a rental car, taxi or simply hitchhike and hope for the best. Which usually ends badly.

None of these are good options for the freedom-minded traveler. Car rental is very expensive and gas prices murder on top of that. Hitchhiking is certainly a possibility but only in summertime and you will lose precious time while waiting and waiting and waiting.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Iceland is much less fun when drenched out in the middle of nowhere[/blockquote]

It is not as if Iceland is an easy country to get around in. Even if you brave the elements you will soon lose much enjoyment over the freedom as basic summer winds batter you to hell and back in an instant. Iceland is much less fun when drenched out in the middle of nowhere and wet and dirty travelers are less likely to get a lift from a nice stranger.

This is even true in Reykjavik city. Should you wish to visit nearby sites more often than not your only option is to pay for a scheduled tour. Want to visit Hellisheidi geothermal exhibition? Blue lagoon? Krisuvik hot springs? Take a tour or forget it.

Of course there is a bus system in the country but unless your destination is a town the drivers are simply not allowed to make any unscheduled stops if you want to get off mid-way for instance. Even if that were a possibility you´d still have quite a walk ahead of you in most instances and then you would have to wait for the bus returning and in many parts here only one or two trips are made daily. In short, you will waste so much time between destinations you are bound to be frustrated and your trip will leave you unsatisfied.

Now, it may or may not suit you but on occasion team Total Iceland might be able to help out with little notice. Need to go a short distance but not willing to fork out fortunes for it. Send us message and if there is a chance of squeezing you in we will be happy to assist. Mind you, we can make no promises but our crew is going to and fro regularly and sometimes quite empty.

[reveal title=”Options” open=”false,true” color=”grey-lite”] Half a day to spare and you suddenly want to sneak a peak at the Geothermal exhibition show? We could possibly accommodate with short notice and give you a quote. totaliceland@totaliceland.com for details[/reveal]

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