Finally pure guesswork is no longer the main yardstick for finding the very best spots for Northern light watching in Iceland. PIC AudreyH

Until now the science of determining where in Iceland the best chance of seeing the stunning Northern lights flicker across the skies on a nightly basis has pretty much been based on gut instinct of tour operators. Naturally, they are more often wrong than right leaving dissatisfied customers. This could be about to change.

The Icelandic Met office has finally begun to predict and publish their estimates for the best locations and conditions for the blaze in the sky we call the Northern lights. Soon then, anyone interested will have to same access to information as any local tour operators.

That said it must be kept in mind is is extremely hard to pinpoint the right location and date of any such phenomena as the Northern lights. Even if conditions are perfect weatherwise that is no guarentee of success at all.

As explained in this article no one will ever be able to promise views of the Northern lights. Predictions from the Met office will help though. Bookmark this page for further information in the coming weeks.