That is why we poll so happy each and every year. PIC viska

That is why we poll so happy each and every year. PIC viska

There is a tweet making the rounds these days about some foreign professor discussing the fact that half the population in Iceland is on some sort of anti-depressant medication or drugs. Is it true?

Yes, it is in fact. Very true. And has been the case for years. There goes the viking myth out the window.

This is a quick-fix nation it seems much in the same vein as people from the US. Iceland has many of the very same problems and one of those is the heavy reliance on medication of all sorts. Back in 2007 all the media was abuzz with the news the Icelanders were the „happiest people on earth.“ A nation subdued on anti-depressants is naturally gonna declare themselves extremely happy.

Another fact of note, should you be interested in local Iceland culture, is that fact the the people in Iceland are on average among the fattest in Europe.

Yeah, we do not have much to recommend us as folks. But we do live on this quite fantastically unique and wonderful volcanic island. Take that world 🙂

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