Don´t believe the hype. Fresh fish is not necessarily the thing...

Don´t believe the hype. Fresh fish is not necessarily the thing…

Freshest seafood possible! Catch of the day! Catch and grill! Why all such statements should be taken with a huge grain of sea salt in Iceland.

There is no shortage of fancy advertising from local Icelandic restaurants competing about tourist dollars. And for an industry where every second restaurant here went bust for years and years getting those tourist dollars really makes a difference.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Ask any serious fishermen or chefs[/blockquote]

A number of seafood restaurants here in Iceland are quite great and a number of them not. But we believe you should know couple of things before sitting down in one.

FACT NUMBER ONE: In many cases restaurants advertising fresh fish have nothing of the sort. The freshest possible catch would have to be bought at the pier when the boats come in. That is illegal in Iceland. All fish has to go to a special marketplace before it is sold onward and this process can take days in some instances. Even then we know of few local restaurants buying directly from fish markets. Most just place orders with a particular fish processing plant and buy it frozen. But wait! Before you go all mental about it read fact number two.

FACT NUMBER TWO: In general, people in the world, are not aware of the fact that eating the freshest fish possible is NOT the best thing to do. We know and do not give a flying fuck what some self-proclaimed health gurus say otherwise. That is just a plain fact. Don´t believe us? Ask any serious fishermen or chefs. Better yet, ask any Basque. This has to do with the fact that it takes most common species of fish half a day at the very least to form rigor mortis after being caught. It is only after this phase is complete that the flesh firms up and gets tastier by the minute. In some species there are also toxins that need to leave the fish before you will really enjoy eating.

So why aren´t we telling you about all the nice restaurants vs. bad restaurants. We are making the rounds and dotting down reviews. Those will be published in due time. Like us and get the news first hand.

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